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Save Yourself From otitis media by Getting Right Information About This

The middle ear inflammation can be acute or chronic. It produces a painful condition. This condition can cause a temporary hear loss also. It is known as otitis media. There are several factors which are found responsible for causing the condition such as cold, sore throat, and respiratory illness. The inflammation of middle ear can be caused by viruses or bacteria. The acute condition of this, shows symptoms like ear pain, fever, ear drainage etc. while some people may feel chronic inflammation and persistent swelling. The affected person feels a kind of pressure in the ear. Sometimes the tube is also placed in the middle ear through surgical procedures to provide relief from the ear pressure. This problem is found very common in children than adults. Otitis media affects young children due to the shorter and flatter shape of their Eustachian tube. This allows microorganisms to easily enter in the ear and cause infection. As the individual grow the Eustachian tube lengthens and becomes more vertical that stops bacteria to enter there. Those children suffers from respiratory infections often develops the symptoms of this chronic condition. The altered body position of infants during bottle feeding can result the disorder. Parents should cradle their child in the upright position when feeding through bottle. The severity of the condition depends on the age and case. Generally antibiotics are prescribed to provide relief from the condition. Fluid discharge also stops after several weeks of the infection. Otitis media often caused by moisture that may collect in the ear during swimming, bathing or by minor injury in the ear canal. This condition can also occur from foreign matter, breathed in through nose. It causes irritation in the Eustachian tube. This irritation produces swelling and ear drainage. There are following symptoms that can help to diagnose the condition. • Hearing loss • Fever • Pain in the ear • A feeling of fullness in the ear • Pus or fluid discharge from the Eustachian tube • Inflammation in the ear • Dizziness Cough and nasal discharge are considered associated with the respiratory infections so proper care during these conditions should be taken. Otitis media targets mainly those who are allergic or suffering from cleft palate. Children of small age are also found prone to this condition. Adults are less prone to this condition. It is a chronic and measurable problem and should be taken seriously when anyone feels any kind of symptoms. Proper care should be taken to avoid the hazards. Prevention of otitis media is quite easy. Use of appropriate hygienic methods can help like wash hands before and after meal is important. It avoids picking up of bacteria from goods that we touch. Besides this good and healthy food and lifestyle modifications can also help the person from getting affected. Daily exercise is also helpful in providing immunity from various ailments. For more information related to this please visit : otitis media and medical animation
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